At Aamir Rasheed & Co. latest methods are adopted for audit efficiency maximization through a risk based international audit approach. We aim to deliver our clients the highest quality within specified time. Services include:
  • Statutory Audit
  • Information system audit, cost audit, due diligence
  • Tax department assignments of audits
  • Employee retirements schemes audits (Gratuity Funds, Provident Fund)
  • Forensic audit
  • Information Systems Audit and advisory services
The firm hold good reputation in tax consultancy for both direct and indirect taxed and a dedicated team has been assigned to provide up to date services for provincial taxes. Following services are offered in this area:
  • Advising companies, firms and individuals on their income tax and sales tax matters.
  • Tax Management Services including matters of tax laws compliance.
  • Tax Appeals drafting and representing before appellate authorities like Commissioners/ Appellate Tribunal.
  • Tax Planning about structuring tax-efficient business planning, including synergy effects of after merger/acquisition
  • Double Tax Treaties.
  • Obtaining legal opinions, conducting tax litigations.
  • Indirect Tax Management for registration, renewals and compliances

Having practical industry experience of a decade and half we rightly claim to have competitive edge to share constructive insights and new ideas and evaluate the projects being considered by the client. Ideally such services yield creative ideas interchanged amongst stake holders, one which will result in meaningful actions to enhance the Company’s growth and profitability, China Pakistan Economic Corridor as declared by the GOP as game changer is special focus of the firm and we are in discussion with different stake holders about their plans for related investments:
  • Project Appraisal and Feasibility Studies
  • Project financial analysis,
  • Project Finance
  • Project Implementation and control.

The firm has conducted due diligence reviews for foreign and domestic investors. The acquiring of a business carries with it a number of risks in areas that include: financial, legal & litigation, markets & products, management & work force, strategic and unrecorded liabilities.
The Firm accepts special investigations the scope of which are ordinarily defined by the client. The report usually includes sufficient data to support all representations therein;
where there are numerous items of a similar nature, exhibits and supporting schedules are used.

    • Building turn around strategies for organizations from struggling private sector to state run enterprises.
    • Identifying best mix of debt equity in client scenario
    • Mergers and acquisitions.
    • Revamping NGOs processes and identifying areas of improvement.
    • Privatization of state owned enterprises.
    • Amalgamation schemes
    • Valuations
    • Monitoring and Audit of financial records
    • Designing and implementation of Accounting methodology, Policies and procedures
    • To establish and monitor convergence and linkage of program activities and financial management of the NGO’s
    • Help Planning and Budgeting the proposal of any developmental activity
    • Project evaluation in association with the experts in the particular field including financial evaluation.
    • Cost analysis of the socio-economic project based on the
      financial data
Outsourcing different business processes and segmental work has become an entrepreneurial prerequisite these days. Developing every resource in house not only cost too much for businesses but becoming impossible to retain. Which raised sustainability issues for many organizations. Leading organizations have already outsources their many segments for years and are satisfied as well.


To become reliable and trustworthy service provider in domestic and international arena.


Delivering the clients best possible, surpassing expectations.

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Aamir Rasheed & Co. is one of the established chartered accountant firms in Pakistan registered under Institute of Chartered Accountants Ordinance, 1961. Management has vast experience and proven track record based on result oriented approach.